Miho: (206) 267-8913 Diego: (206) 321-8759info@mihodiego.com
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Miho: (206) 267-8913 Diego: (206) 321-8759info@mihodiego.com


Diego from Colombia, South America introduces four different regional music from his native country! He makes his own bamboo flutes (Quena and Zampoña) that he learned while he lived with indigenous people in various areas of the Andes Mountains.

Performance/Materclass/Lecture Available. Please contact Diego. And don’t forget to check out some great videos below with my dear friends!


Diego Coy Musica Colombiana

This program has been presented at various festivals, the NW Folklife Festival, Seattle Rhythm Festival, Tacoma Ethnic Fest., Graham-Kapowsin High School (Graham), Griffin Middle School (Olympia), University of Washington Cultural Center, and many more in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2014 his group has been sponsored by Northwest Heritage Resources organization.


The masterclass for schools and communities are demonstrated both English and Spanish.


Thank you – Gracias for being interested in Colombian music!


Instruments:  Quena, Zampoña, Tambora, Bombo, Guasa, Guacho, Maracas, Marimba, Maraca Gigante, Gaita flute

Repertoire:  Colombia Tiarra Querida, Prende la Vela,Rio Cali, Bachue, Caderona, Mi Buenaventura,   Yo Me Llamo Cumbia, Navidad Negra, San Juanero, La Guaneña, Andarele, and more.




<– Diego is a recipient of Quinbaya Music Education and Leadership Award from Centro Cultural Hispano Americano Organization in Washington.




       Teaching Colombian Music at a Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle Educational Day!



Tacoma Ethnic Fest


NW Folklife Festival